Pissed as a Parrot Rally

6th November 1992 - Parrot RC

I made a bit of an embarrassing mistake when I got the invite for this rally. I assumed it was a club invitation, but it was, in fact, a personal one, a fact I only discovered when I sent off for 8 or so tickets. After a bit of pleading, I was allowed 6.

We were obviously welcomed by some of the local inhabitants, as one of our member's tents was nibbled by whatever four-legged animal was inhabiting the field we camped in. As a trad rally, Friday night passed easily enough in the pub.

On Saturday evening, the centre of attention was back in the pub, although I don't think many people went for a ride about the area, as the weather was unpleasant. It has to be said that my club were being a bit insular, and stayed in the same place all evening, rarely talking to anyone else. For this reason, I seemed to spend more time with my friends in the 7sMCC.

The eating contest consisted of a plate of dry crackers, covered with tabasco sauce and a sliced banana on top. There was a separate contest for the wimminfolk, but that only had one entrant. Even so, she had to eat the thing to win the prize. There was one guy, I think one of the organisers, who was wandering around all evening, not quite fitting in a posing pouch. No explanation was given, but I'm sure there was one.

The function room had enough room for limited boogying, but not enough if everyone had wanted to, but it wasn't that sort of crowd. After the prize giving, (at which we, even with the reduced number of members attending, still managed to pick up a trophy, for Club Aggregate Mileage (3rd)), there was a traditional singsong, which went on for a few hours.

The less said about the ride home on Sunday the better. The weather remained unpleasant.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley