Oosser Rally

9th - 71 MCC - May 1986

A new site for the popular Dorset Rally. They had moved from Melplash to Portesham, which was an even smaller village.

There was a patch of land adjacent to a pub, which also had some animals out the back, although the associated buildings had seen better days. There was just about enough room amongst the trees for us, as there was in the pub during the day, although the evening entertainment was taking place in the rather grand village hall across the car park.

The games were held amongst the tents and were well contested even though I felt unable to join in due to my recent injuries.

It seemed like hardly any time at all before the hall was opened and we were allowed in. Everybody seemed to be having a good time and one rally virgin was getting covered in green dye, which unfortunately got into the floorboards, requiring a mass cleaning session by the organisers before the full festivities could continue.

After this break, the volume went back up to eleven and the party continued.

Afterwards, Hippo was seen in his frequent pose atop a straw bale, I was never sure what activity he was involved in before ending up like that.

I do not recall any untoward incident on the way home on Sunday, but I don't think the weather was all that good, as it had been overcast all weekend.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley