Norman Rally

16th July 1982 - Hastings & Rother District MCC

Once again we made our way to the usual field just outside Hastings. They did not say why they had moved the rally forward a couple of months, but this just made the weather more likely to be warm. They used the same field for all the rallies I attended, and I have no reason to assume they did not for those I missed.

As last year, it was in a slightly different part of the field than previous rallies. We arrived as the organisers were adding the final touches to their scaffolding structures, as usual. I can't remember if we actually used the marquee, as the weather was amazingly hot all weekend. There was also a stage constructed for the group that was playing there on Saturday afternoon.

The games were well contested, the Home Team doing better than most of the visitors, (that still sounds like cheating to me).

When the band started up, we were less than impressed. It was not a group I had ever heard of on the rally circuit and I can understand why. I cannot remember their name. In fact, the only thing I can remember is the crowd cheering when they finished!

When the disco fired up a few hours later, it was well received, and continued into the early hours.

It was still quite hot on the Sunday for the ride home.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley