National Rally

This page is only here because the National Rally is called a rally; therefore you might expect to find something about it under ... er ... Rallies. Well, the National Rally is different from all the camping boozefests that we call rallies. This one is a riding event totally unlike all the others in this section. It is therefore reported more fully under Club Runs and Activities depending on whether you want to know about when we used to enter the rally or about the Control that the past members have operated in recent years.

Why do we operate a Control you might ask. Is it because we want to contibute something back to motorcycling? Is it because we want an excuse for staying out all night? Or is it because you don't get a badge for taking part in the rally only for being a marshal? I'll let you guess.

There are also hundreds of photos of the controls since 2006 in the various Photo Galleries.

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