Let Loose Rally

At the Old Etonions Rugby Club in Chiselhurst, Kent

I arrived on Saturday afternoon so missed Friday's festivities.


- Dave

There was a band playing in the afternoon and then everyone was called into a corner of the field to be shown a tree that had been planted in Tiny Tim's honour. He was a silversmith who unfortunately had died after last years rally. After a speech and a minutes silence in honour of Tim we moved back to the club house.

Bad Penny played that night and the rock disco went on well into the night. There was a fire to keep you warm until it was bedtime.

A very good rally organised by the Tsumami Riders.

- Dave Ranger

Start of quotation On Easter Saturday there was a charity Egg ride which I took part in on my Dragstar 1100. It was fun to ride with so many other like-minded people. The other riders were great and very friendly. We got back about 1500/1530 in time for the silly games.

What a great weekend. I will go again. End of quotation

- John Mitchell