Jugsters Rallies

2008 was the year Mick decided it's cheaper to buy another bike than a new exhaust. An FJ1200 costs the same price as a ZZR1100 exhaust. Well it does on eBay. So Mick spent the first few months of 2008 looking for his 6th gear. Ha ha ...

Now this bike was built for comfort not speed. No more getting off the bike and walking down the road as if you had just had a knee trembler.

So off we went to the Jugsters Winter Rally. Everyone headed for Derbyshire apart from Ginge who headed for Warwickshire - that's the summer rally.

It was held at a working mens club in February with two pubs down the road. We camped on a football field. One side was like a bog the other side was dry. First time I saw a Rocket 3, not sure if I like them!

Met a great bunch of new people, only problem is I never ask anyone what their name is.

The summer rally was held in Warwickshire at another working mens club in April 2008. It rained all weekend. The RAC took us to this rally (we needed new spark plugs).

The no smoking ban drives me nuts when its raining. Soggy fag and acid rain in my Guinness. Apart from the weather it was good rally with some good bands.

Mick told everyone we were prospecting for the Oddballs and few people believed him ... oh dear.

- Hayley Easthope

There is a report from Ted Trett on the Frozen Bladder Rally.