Joint Rally


2nd Joint Rally (organised by ABC/Hatfield Poly MCC)

Photos by Phillip Cross show some of the activities at the rally. Usual stuff. Same villains. Is that you?

The "pillow" fighters meant business but the sacks weren't filled with bricks, honest.

Phill Cross refused to add names and if you send enough used notes of small denomination it will stay that way.

- Phillip Cross

I can't write much, well nothing at all really, about this rally due to a crash a week beforehand, which meant I was in hospital at the time.

However, I thought someone would appreciate the invite and ticket, which are the result of having a graphic designer in the club.

Also a couple of pics of a three-week old BMW.

I was out of hospital six weeks later and, much to the disgust of my doctor, back on the bike a few weeks after that.

(Three crushed vertebrae, in case you were wondering.)

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley