Icy Ale Rally

22nd November 1990 - Druids MCC

I missed last year's bash for various reasons, so I was pleased I was still on the invite list for this one. In the same pub as usual, next to the canal, with the separate function room, muddy camping, bikes in the pub car park, on the other side of the canal from the camping, and weather you would expect at this time of the year. To be honest, it wasn't as cold as it had been the last time I was here. I managed to get the day off, so I arrived in daylight, after quite a long journey, so I did not need to drag my bike into the camping area in order to provide enough light to see what I was doing, like I did last time.

Friday night was spent in the pub, so no dancing, only moderate amounts of drinking and a much over-used jukebox.

On Saturday. once again many people called taxis to nearby towns, where they spent much of the day, most of them returning for the evening festivities. Consequently, the pub was not as full, so it was easier to get around in it.

The bikes in the car park provided only a few interesting specimens, which I put down to the weather. I see, in the background of one of my pictures, a Norton Interpol2, but I wasn't into Rotary bikes back then.

In the evening we were allowed into the function room, so there was enough room for us and the games, (usually family-friendly), and a little dancing. The distance to the tents from the bar was a bit annoying if one of your club-mates needed carrying back, but I think most people managed it.

There was a welcome fire right next to the canal on the camping side, and yet again, how nobody managed to fall into the canal remains a happy mystery - there was still no fence.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley