Icy Ale Rally

The 2011 Icy Ale was held at the Rutland Arms near to Grantham in Linconshire. This pub has its own camping site and showers etc. It is right by the side of the Grantham Canal.

Friday night was spent in the pub and it seemed everyone who is anyone in the rally scene was there. There were people from Sweden, Finland and Germany together with the Ogri, Barrel Bikers, Ribcrakers and Spam MCC to name but a few. Even the Legend from Leicester, Nigel Woodthorpe was there. The Barrels and Ogri were singing a lot on Friday night.

Saturday morning I walked into Grantham along the canal to discover that when I reached Wetherspoons I had walked about seven miles! The Black Widows were there and I had a meal and then sampled some of the Christmas ales. I then managed to share a taxi back to the site and then it was time for the disco and live band.

This rally is a very good one and the atmosphere was first class.

- Dave Ranger