Guildford Rally

This is the first rally I ever went to, the Guildford Rally in Surrey in Aug 1979. Me and Woodsey, a friend I had known from primary school, had come up from a week's holiday touring Cornwall.

We set up our tents next to some more friends, Crazy Keith, Alan Wilson, Adolf, Cat and Trotsky. Straight into the beer tent!

The next day we went on the ride out and came back in time for the silly games. One of Keith's friends Dave then arrived and asked if I wanted to participate in a drinking contest with him. Being only 19 and stupid I agreed. The chosen tipple was Stingo which was a 8% barley wine. I duly got beaten by this bloke who I found out later was a member of the Parachute Regiment!

Nursing sore heads in the morning we packed up and went home.

- Dave Ranger