GPO Rally

9th October 1992 - Barrel Bikers MCC

The Barrel Bikers tendency to go over the top in the infosheet department had grown to new heights; 12 A4 pages containing comic strips, a couple of cartoons and some random artwork padded out the two, double-spaced, pages of actual information.

Hello People! When you get here, take your ticket to the catering tent and have a hot drink on us.
To you, it's the middle of October, to us it's in the niddle of July. This is because we are starting this handout in good time, instead of 3 days before the rally. This comes as a major shock to our systems, and to the rally sec. Maybe the hangover from our FIRKING O'BITTER Rally wasn't so bad this year.
Of course, this doesn't stop us from rambling on about bugger all. Here in Milton Keynes we do things in a roundabout way.
"Right Chris, what's the plan?"
"Well, Roger, Graz says same as last year, but this time tell 'em about the RAFFLE."
"Stop pissing about and get on with it, you two."
"Blimey - where dis that come from? . . . OK Gaz."
Before you read the next bit, all about the PLAN, remember this: Expect the unexpected.

Warning: The Surgeon General has determined that the intake of large amounts of beer may cause him to fall over and chuck up his cookies. When taken to extremes it causes skidmarks inside his trousers.

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I do not recall if I was there on Friday night, or rolled up Saturday morning, but I don't have any photographic evidence of the goings on, so it could have just been an uneventful evening.

The weather wasn't wonderful, so a few of us just spent a while chatting in my tent, after they had watched me put it up, until the bar opened. The advantage of having such a large structure is that several people will fit in the porch area, without invading the 'inner sanctum'.

There were a couple of interesting bikes there. I hadn't seen many Scooter Trikes before, and the MAG NWLondon were there with the well-known all matt black Gold Wing 'Survival' Combo. Some people thought he may have had an unfair advantage in the Musical Beercan game, but as he didn't win, nobody minded in the end.

There was a fair amount of straw in the marquee, which helped some keep warm, or comfortable enough to have a kip during the evening, while the rest of us just boogied to achieve the same.

One of our number was tied to the marquee pole and well doused with beer, (I can't remember why, but it seemed perfectly reasonable). A few straw fights/jumper stuffings happened, and more people got drunk and fell over. A fitting end to an enjoyable rally evening.

Sunday brought more dull weather, but it wasn't raining, and not too far to go home.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley