GPO Rally

12th October 1991
Barrel Bikers (Bucks) MCC

Another multi page info sheet, in the guise of a comic starring Bernard the Belligerent Bunny, was given to us at control.

The Barrel Bikers welcome you to the 11th G.P.O. Rally
Well, here we are again, another G.P.O. Rally, another draughty field in the middle of nowhere. What can I say that hasn't been said before? Err ... nothin'really. As usual we have a plan which we will roughly keep to, and this is it. Friday afternoon Punters start arriving, Barrel Bikers are running around like headless chickens. Friday evening Rock Disco in the marquee. Sample our culinary experise, cordon bleuagh cooking. There's real ale at the bar, run by Tim (as usual). Saturday Morning Aspirins on sale at Control, only £1 each or £2.50 for two. 11am (roughly) Run to local-ish pub. 3pm The Games - Olympic standards (talent scouts are in the area). Saturday Evening Rock Disco and live band "Blue Vein". 10pm (roughly) Miss Rally, Mister Rally. What more can I say? Sunday morning Trophies awarded. Can I have a rest now please?
Firkin Facts
Our last rally was the Firkin o' Bitter. It wasn't so much Bitter as Firkin Wet, but 100 bikers (including Barrel members) braved the early spring weather and had a party. Between them they saw off that weekend:- 2300 pints of keg beer, 24 crates of bottled drinks, a whole bottle of Southern Comfort, 80 jacket potatoes, 130 burgers, 150 sausages, 20lbs of bacon, 90 eggs 3 catering size tins of baked beans, 10lbs of steak and kidney pie, 15lbs of chilli con carne, 15lbs of cottage pie. What I and the previous rally sec want to know is this: Neither of us had more than 6 pints all weekend, so who were the two who had 23+17 = 40 pints each?
Chris did the computer bits, Roger did the drawing and thanks to our Printer.

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Nothing of note seems to have happened on Friday night, or at least nothing photo-worthy.

On Saturday, the games were well supported, and were followed by the organisers initiating their Rally Virgins in the field, so as not to make the marquee too messy.

Later, the drinking and music began. During the break in the band's output, only one girl entered the Miss Rally contest, and it appeared to be the same girl as last year, again she won unopposed, again removing some clothing without the need.

Thereafter the music and boozing resumed, as did some attempt of dancing, followed by a beer and flour throwing game, (or possibly some more RVs had been discovered).

The fun and jollity continued into the night. Once more the bar only shut when people stopped buying drinks.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley