Ghost Rally

23 June 1989 - Free Spirit Riders MCC


- Phil the Spill

As I wearily arrived at the sports club near Billericay, following the trip down from my club's post-Shetland camping holiday in the Lake District, (without blowing the bike up this year), things were pretty much normal. People were doing their washing in their tent, Lez Lumps was exposing his body to the world, (in the guise of sunbathing), and a friend exposed other parts of her body to me, (in the guise of welcoming me to her home county).

At this location, the sports club bar is only used in the evening, the days are spent in the pub down the road, except when the games are on, of course.

A pair of notable Nortons were there. One immaculate condition classic turned up and parked next to a couple of modern trikes, (I know which one I think would get me home without a breakdown). Another one was the air-cooled rotary model they called the Classic, (with no real reason as far as I can tell).

The rest of the rally went off well. The band in the bar was loud and well received. The bonfire was unnecessary, but relaxing to sit around.

On Sunday I made it home in one piece, still no exploding gearbox and no calls to the breakdown company.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley