Fly In The Eye Rally

This was the first Fly in the Eye rally we organised, I think. Can't remember the order of the badges. It was held at Kirkthorne and District's meeting place.

We had a butty van on site but he didn't last as he was overpriced. So everyone was sent to Norman's cafe, remember it?


- Andy

Friday night was the usual disco and alcohol, meet up with old mates kind of thing.

Saturday morning, off to Norman's to set you up for the week. Then the heavens opened turning the car park into a boating lake.

Of course silly games were held. The winners of one group game were each given a sledge hammer and told to have at it with an old upright piano, oh what fun.

That night we had Engine playing, which went as well as usual.

I won't mention the rabbit stew; if you were there you know. A huge bonfire was lit. The weekend went off with hardly a hitch and we got a good write up in Big Bollards.

- Andy Hunter