Exe Rally

5th July 1985 - Exeter & District MCC

When I first heard of this rally, the badge was an enormous affair, on a par with Belgian rally badges, several inches wide and bedecked with ribbons. The fact that they had reverted to a single monochrome letter, with the year in the centre for this year, came as no surprise. It was neat and uncomplicated, though.

The site was probably a crop field, which had recently been cut, as it consisted entirely of stubble, which had to be trampled before putting your tent on it, for fear of punctures!

As was the custom, the pub was very much the centre of activity on Friday and, once you found a seat, you stayed put whatever spillage occurred!

On Saturday, the weather was bright and sunny all day. I'm not sure if any rideouts were organised, but I spent all day on site, as did most people I knew. Several women were so pleased to see me again that their clothing flew apart as I approached. I am sure that there were many games held, but the only one I have photos of is the four-legged race, because that was the most fun.

Although there was a marquee, I don't remember it being used much, if at all. The few hours after the games were spent outside the pub, and then the bonfire was lit. The blaze was such that the local fire brigade were called out, (this is not the first time this has happened at a rally I have attended). Special care was taken that the stubble on the field did not burn too far towards the tents.

Sunday was another hot day and the trip home was very pleasant.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley