Easter Rally

1978 - Triumph Owners Club

A rally organised by the Triumph Owners Club, Manchester but open to all makes of bike. It was held in a field across the road from the Royal Cottage Inn on the A53 Buxton to Leek road.

The Royal Cottage Inn is more of a cottage than an Inn and it was a bit overcrowded with the rally as it was a wet night and we all wanted to get in out of the rain. I seem to remember they didn't have draught beer as such but went up and down to the cellar with a jug.

I was there on my Honda 400/4 with a few of the Potteries Phoenix club but we moved on Saturday to a Folk Weekend in Bollington which had lots of pubs and usually no closing time if you got in the right one!

The Royal Cottage Inn is still there but other than special events is only open 6 till 11pm Friday and Saturday, selling a selection of bottled beers.

- Ted Trett