E Rally

The E rally was organised by Saddlesore MCC at a site next to the river Severn between Kidderminster and Worcester.

We were eagerly awaiting this rally as we had been to this site several times before and it was always a good do. This series of rallies has a different letter every year. Last year was the 'R' rally, with a pirate theme as in Aaarrrrrgh. The 'E' was Eee by gum and a theme of flat hats but no whippets. Prior to all this it had been the venue of several Last Drop rallies. The club always have a large control tent with a supply of free tea, coffee and biscuits and lots of banter.

Car park swimming pool

The pub is big with several rooms and seating areas and, if its fine, lots of outdoor seating next to the river. On Saturday night there is a band in the upstairs function room and silly games. The club ran a contest over the weekend that involved finding sets of characters on a label that you receive when you book in. It makes you talk to others to see if they have the other characters to make up the set, with prizes given with the awards and cash raffle.

Where we should have camped

This year the weather prior to the rally had been wet, as in floods and a red warning for flooding on the river Severn. We always camp behind the pub near the river. Most people use the large paddock in front of the pub and there was camping space available in the caravan park next door. You can see from my pictures that when we arrived the river was quite high and still rising but, so what, up with the tent in our usual spot and hope for the best.

Saturday morning was wet and the control tent was looking a bit vulnerable to the flood so it was moved a bit further into the car park.

We were keeping our eyes on a signpost in the river which was slowly but surely disappearing under water. By the afternoon the rain had stopped and the sun came out but what used to be the side car park was now under water. A couple of people decided to use their airbed as a raft. Susie Gilmore started to wade out to them but tripped and ended up swimming! Other lunchtime entertainment was provided by a troupe of Clog Dancers.

Clog dancers

We decided to have our annual trip to Stourport on Severn. I had an audience as I rode the bikes out through the flood. It was more Stourport IN Severn this year and the cark park and part of the amusements on the riverside were under water but we had a walk around the fairground and up and down the main street shops.

When we returned to the rally the water had risen too high to park the bikes behind the pub but the tents were still ok. Access to the pub from there was becoming difficult, the club had now packed their control tent away.

It may have looked a bit dodgy camping on the river bank but we were higher up than the three ground floor rooms in the accommodation block and they were all fully let. By Sunday morning the river was getting a bit too close for comfort but we were still high and dry. We had had another good weekend courtesy of Dave Garnett and the Saddlesore Club

- Ted Trett