Drystone Wall Rally

31st July 1987 - Tewkesbury & District MCC

It was a nice pub the rally was based in. I can't remember the name, but I do remember it was in Colwall, Herefordshire. Well, my database says it was and I trust the person that entered that data. We started in the bar, where there was a fun jukebox with loads of older rock & roll records, which was monopolized by a group of us armed with kazoos. We only selected records we could play along with.

Later on we were allowed in the function room and the party began in earnest. Beer was drunk, music was played and clothing was removed. There were no prizes for the latter, but I know to whom I would give one!

On Saturday a Welsh club arrived with a shared tent so massive they had to distribute the sections amongst those attending. Good job they all made it!

Boris was seen with a balloon tied to his trousers (possibly to help keep them up) and Serena was seen sporting a horn! It was an old bulb-type horn which someone gave her for her birthday, intended for her Guzzi, which had a less-than-efficient standard device.

The games seem to have been well-contested, most of which seemed to require the carrying of various people in various configurations and directions.

Someone discovered a rally virgin who was floured and given a beer shampoo.

After an afternoon nap and a session in the Jukebox bar, the function room was once again opened for us. More beer, music and clothing removal went on, but not necessarily in that order.

Sunday remained fine but not sunny as it had been the rest of the weekend and I made an ever-so-slight detour to get a photo to add to my amusing place-name collection.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley