Drystone Wall Rally

The Dry Stone Wall Rally was originally created and run by the Tewkesbury & District MCC. During the first meeting the name was nominated by a guy called Gareth Davies, who was elected Rally Secretary if I remember correctly.


- Robin

I think it snowed and we had a job getting into the rally site due to the mud. Everyone wanted to borrow my bike, as I brought a Yamaha DT400 with motocross knobblies on. I only lived in Tewkesbury at the time.

The rally site was somewhere between Cheltenham and Cirencester.

- Robin Vale

Start of quotation I came down with a group from North Anglesey. It would have been around 1980. It was very cold and yes, it did snow.

I remember being taken to a local village pub in the back of an open lorry. My favourite rally hat got flicked off by an overhanging branch. I never saw it again.

My abiding memories are of putting up tents in the snow and stopping at every services or the way home to get warm, trying to dry and warm up our gloves with the toilet hand drier.

My bike at the time was a red Suzuki GT750 Kettle. Great times.

Still wear my rally badge with pride. It is the dark blue and orange one. End of quotation

- Jonty Johnson
Now residing just outside Lincoln
and riding a trike.