Dog's Bollox Rally

9th November 1990 - Cerberus MCC

I felt slightly cheated that, despite the organising club being named after a three-headed dog, the dog on the badge only had one head. But since this is only a very minor niggle, I let it slip by.

I attended this rally just prior to starting a new job, so I wasn't planning to do anything outrageous, like pick up a new girlfriend or anything. This one was held at the same Sports & Social club building where the Free Spirit rallies, (Pointed Nipple, and Ghost), were held, so I knew how to get there.

Unlike the other two rallies, the main evening festivities did not start in the pub down the road, but at the club bar, (unless I just missed them). The 'other' Essex club that I knew well were also there, so I hooked up with them as my own club were staying at home. The organisers seemed to be having great fun playing DJs, and the evening was pleasant, with no trouble.

I am not sure if the games were abandoned due to the weather, or I just didn't notice them, although a few virgins, or maybe willing participants, were tied to bikes, (with a tug-of-war rope), and dragged around the field a bit, (but not much, as it might damage the playing field).

Later on, in the bar, the eating and drinking games were held, and girls started taking their clothes off. As there was no stage, the girls were at the same level as the baying crowd, which may have put some girls off, and the only competitors were from the organising club.

Apparently, they went all the way, but I didn't get a clear shot of that, due to the number of people crowding in on them. Much more dancing and drinking went on, and there may have been a band, but my memory fails me at that point.

Later on, after the rain stopped, many of us were larking about around a bonfire, but despite the date, fireworks were not in evidence, probably due to the stables next door.

The morning was a bit damp, but it wasn't too far for me, so I had a good long rest that night before starting the new job in the morning.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley