Ding Dong Rally

21st August 1987 - Bell MCC

Back to sunny Ridge, (Herts), for the Bell MCC's Ding Dong. Not very far from South Mimms Services at the A1/M25 junction, but not near enough for me to use other roads in my journey there from Surrey.

Friday night was the usual relaxed first night with only a moderate amount of straw-throwing/stuffing and shaving foam splattering, mostly on rally virgins one supposes.

We were also fairly close to my then club, (ABC), HQ, the Crooked Billet in Colney Heath, so we nipped over there for a quick pre-lunch tipple. Only in moderation, of course.

Upon our return to the site, several girls were intent on showing me how warm they thought the weather was by removing some of their garments.

The games were, again, strenuous. The Bell MCC are one of the few clubs that include Human Pyramids as one of their games. I'm sure this wouldn't be allowed any more and how serious injuries were avoided is still a mystery to me. There was also barrel-rolling, tug-of-war and a few messy games as well.

In the evening there seemed to be a lot more flour, foam and other noxious substances being distributed than most rallies I have been to. Straw, too, was flying about the marquee most of the night.

It seems to have been quite warm in the marquee or around the bonfire, as quite a few women were taking their garments off, both on and off the stage.

The night wore on, and people ended up grouped around the bonfire, (even in summer), before retiring to bed.

Sunday morning was lovely and warm again, making the loading of the bikes, if not a pleasure, then much less of a chore than otherwise might be the case. The ride home thereafter, though, was indeed enjoyable. There was a moment, where traffic had built up a bit, and we were moving slowly, when a friend who was also there drew alongside, and asked me "Did so-and-so really flash her bits for you?", "Yes", "**** me, she's never done that before!"

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley

Start of quotation Thanks for the photos. I was the rally virgin and at the top of a pyramid

None of us are safe from out past! End of quotation

- Jim Watson

Start of quotation My brother came across your website today and found photos of us and our club (Piston Broke) at the 1986 and 1987 Ding Dong Rally. We were in hysterics looking at the photos and reminiscing. Is there any chance we can get hold of a copy of the photos please?

The '87 rally was my brothers first and there is a great photo of a guy called Trooper, who is no longer with us, pouring beer down my brothers jacket. It was also our club and the Danes trying to get as many people as possible on the one motorbike and still make it move under it’s own power. Bloody brilliant days.

The Piston Broke folded some time ago but a lot of us are now back together as The Old Piston Broke. Still riding but maybe better bikes and having a few more showers. End of quotation

- Ozzy Watson

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