Devils Weald Rally

18th July 1986 - Brighton & District MCC

This was my second visit to this rally, held in the grounds of Brighton Race Course, although I had also been to a Brighthelmstone Rally, held here by the same club, but in a different part of the property. Although the party was in the same Grandstand building, the camping area was different in the summer, being on grassy areas nearer the main entrance, instead of the side/rear.

In addition to the standard drinking and dancing on Friday night, a member of the Twits MCC decided to have his beard shaved off, by the female members of his club, presumably for some charitable cause.

On Saturday there was the customary mass convoy out of town and over the downs to a pub somewhere in the countryside. After this we were left to our own devices to make it back in time for the games and such messing about.

In the middle of the evening, another Twit was persuaded to have his facial hair removed, this time insisting on partially unclad girls of the Twits. I'm not sure whether or not this had a charitable outcome, but it led on nicely to the removal of T-shirt competition, which had quite a few contestants, mostly from the Twits.

At this point I ran out of film, but I assume that the evening progressed as usual at these events and much ale and music was consumed.

I do not recall any untoward events, nor anything unpleasant on the ride home.

- Phil the Spill