Cowpat Rally


This was run by the Shoulder of Mutton MCC.

The silly games was long distance cowpat throwing. Not the hard crispy ones either, the soggy ones!

He's also famous for burying his RD250 in the back garden

- Mick

1985 was the year Stuart 'Swet' Smith decided to strip off starkers, walk up to the bar and order a pint. When the barmaid asked him for the money he stood back and said "Sorry love, I've got no pockets" at which she screamed and everyone else burst out laughing. I had hidden his clothes. Even after the mofos turned up and he was begging "Please Mick". In the end I took pity on him and gave him his jeans back!

Some of you might remember Stu Smith for staying up all night mud wrestling with the Belgiums and the next morning putting his helmet on and riding home still covered from head to toe in mud!

He's also famous for burying his RD250 in the back garden because it tried to kill him twice. Steve tried to dig it up 15 years later after telling everyone what a classic bike an RD was.

- Mick Mansell

Start of quotation All I know is who organised it. It's the Shoulder of Mutton Motorcycle Club, and the rally still runs to this day. End of quotation

- Shaun

Start of quotation I seem to remember that this rally was held in Derbyshire and it must of been summer time as I remember coming out of the pub at closing time and it was still light.

Woodsey, Alan Wilson, Crazy Keith, Trotsky and Cal were also there. End of quotation

- Dave Ranger

Start of quotation I remember attending a few of the Cowpat rallies.

Once I ended up winning the bike lift (Cookies 125?)

I think they were trying to jump the bonfire later on. End of quotation

- Ebo Wint