Condom Rally

Third rally on 13th October 1989 - Travellers MCC

Across the causeway once again, allowing for the tides, for another rally in the Youth Camp on Mersea Island. This was the one run by a collection of local clubs, for charitable causes. The Iceni MCC were there in force, of course, as many of them were members of the organisers as well. Some had been there all day and seemed to have trouble with relatively simple procedures, but there were always one or two girls from the Cerberus MCC around to help them.

The music on Friday night was supplied by a group which I have seen quite often in Essex rallies, (but their name escapes me), featuring a singer who always looked uncomfortable in a tight leather-look miniskirt, that didn't seem quite to fit.

The games on Saturday were quite enjoyable, and there was one which consisted of a team carrying a telegraph pole, (with handles), down to a post and back.

After these, there was a 'smash a Honda' game, which many enjoyed. I'm not sure if this was a contest, or just a 'pay-for-a-bash' event, but it did seem a waste of an OK-looking CB200. After sufficient damage had been done, it was taken off to a waste spot and ceremoniously burnt.

In the evening, we all made out way into the hall and boogied and head-banged away to our heart's content. The organisers on stage, allegedly to help things along, introduce games and bands, etc, were dressed as an airline/naval captain and a giant panda for reasons which were never adequately explained. The events announced included a wet/no T-shirt contest, where the contestants wore shirts with numbers on, possibly to make scoring easier but, of course, these quickly became pointless, as the shirts were removed. I am not sure if any of the shirts did actually get wet, but the girls seemed happy with them anyway. (I wonder how many of them still have numbered T-shirts hidden away in the back of a wardrobe somewhere?) The captain/panda announced more music, and the party carried on.

Sunday morning revealed that the amount of litter is not reduced merely because the venue is a hall instead of a marquee, as several piles of discarded cans & bottle were carried into the bins. I suppose the floor is easier to pick things up from if it isn't made of mud, though.

The bright weather meant a rapid trip home, providing you got the tide times correct.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley