Cold Winters Knight Rally

Run under the auspices of the Knight Riders MCC. Namely Mickey Breeze & Wilf.

I think it would have been the early 1990s. It must have been a winter rally because Maggie did not go with me. Most of the Shakespeare MCC had stopped rallying by then so I went on my own.

The camp site was on Box Hill not far from Bath. (It's the Box Hill with the rail tunnel.)

We camped about a quarter of a mile from a rural pub. They did some good tasty food. It was there that I first had wild boar. The beer was not bad either.

Box Hill is riddled with tunnels left by the quarrying of stone to build Bath. About ten of us were lucky in getting a guided tour in some of them. The usual guide had gone on holiday so I think it was Keith (He of the beard & pipe.) from the Mayflower MCC took us down. Keith had been down on a number of occasions & knew his way round a fair portion of the twenty plus miles of tunnel. We we stopped down for a couple of hours. We returned to the surface looking very muddy.

The tent came down wet on Sunday morning. The field had sparse grass cover. It did not become muddy after the rain, it just clung to the bottom of your boots. I arrived home about an inch taller than I when I left. It's the only time I needed a hammer to clean my boots.

- Dave Cooper