Brighthelmstone Rally

12th March 1993 - Brighton & District MC

A bit of an odd weekend this one. I was sharing a stable with my old club - Telstar BC - while my slightly more recent club were in another. They had waited for far too long before deciding whether to stable it or not, and I had already made arrangements. As soon as some others from Telstar arrived, I located their stable and dumped my stuff in a corner. (I take it you know about sleeping in the, suitably cleaned, stables at the Brighthelmstone rally, yes? If not, check out previous reports.)

Friday was customarily only slightly riotous, people saving their strength for the Saturday night.

During Saturday afternoon, as was their custom, Telstar went Ten Pin Bowling down on the sea front and as my newer colleagues were otherwise engaged, I went along. On our way to the Alley, we saw the council's way of dealing with illegal parkers. No prizes for guessing who did not win the game.

On our return, we found we had missed the Female Morris Side, and there was only a brief opportunity to look around the other bikes there before the party began.

Unusually amongst bike clubs, the Brighton & District has strong links with the scooterist community and quite a few were there but, as usual, there was no trouble between the factions, even if there was a level of unease about. There was certainly not a great deal of mixing between the groups, but everybody had a good time.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley