Brass Monkey Rally

14th January 1983 - Solent MCC

This rally was held, at least while I did it, (1983-85), at the Sports & Social Club in Burridge, near Southampton.

The camping area was a hundred yards or so from the building and there was ample hard-standing for the bikes, which was a good idea, as the ground was a little prone to mud.

In the building itself, there was a small disco unit set up, but nothing too loud was needed, or asked for.

Being an indoor rally, nothing outrageous happened, apart from a couple of episodes, which were stopped by the organisers before any harm was done, we just had a good time in convivial surroundings.

There was a bit of larking about in the kids' playground, of course, but nothing got broken.

Somebody's tent inner got burnt, but I recall that was done from the outside by the owner, who was disgusted by the lack of protection it afforded from the elements. Mind you, the fly sheet seemed to be flame-proof.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley