17th November 1989 - ABC

The ABC decided we quite liked organising a weekend in November but, when plans for a successor to the Joint Rally fell through, (would you believe over a major disagreement about the name?), a simple camping weekend was agreed to be a better idea. In case you were wondering, B.O.O.Z.E. stands for Build One's Own Zombie Extravaganza.

ABC invites you to the first (ever) B uild O ne's O wn  Z ombie  E xtravaganza  at the crooked billet colney heath herts (off the a414 'bone' roundabout) on the 17th-19th november 89 free camping, real ale

As the graphic artist in our club was elsewhere at the time, the only invite we produced was one I managed to bash out on my Sinclair ZXSpectrum! This was nowhere near as easy as it is today; I had to write a whole program in BASIC, which ended up being several pages in length.

To add another Tech element to the weekend, I had borrowed my Dad's VHS camcorder, which somewhat lacked in clarity pretty much of the time, and only had one battery, that had to be charged at regular intervals. This was the first output from Phil T Spillberg's RallyVision.

Much as the longer-established Temperance weekend, the format was basically two nights in the regular club meeting pub, that had the luxury of a field out the back, adequate for camping in.

Invitations were extended to friends and local clubs.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley