BMF Rally

16th May 1992 - British Motorcyclists Federation

This was the first time I had attended the actual Memba Rally side of the BMF Show, as I was now in a BMF-affiliated club. I suppose I could, technically, have attended on my own, but I wouldn't have known anyone in the thousands that turn up for it, or at least known where people I knew were located.

For the massive amount of games they had, I brought my whole video set-up, (Tripod and shooting stick for comfort), and this was used a fair bit.

There were the usual games, plus a few different ones that you can only do when you have a lot of room, like sled-pulling, and tractor tyre rolling. One of our girls got a rather nasty rope-burn from the four-legged race, which, I hope, looked worse than it was.

The beer tent was, as always, completely packed out in the evening, and I assume a good time was had by all. We played a trick on one of our clubmates by persuading a young(ish) lady of my acquaintance, to pretend to have enjoyed his company on a previous rally, when he claimed to all around, (including his wife), that he didn't know the lady, she exclaimed, "surely you remember these!" and exposed herself, while his wife stormed off in anger. He chased after her proclaiming his innocence, completely unaware that the she was in on the joke.

I forget if we were allowed into the main show on Saturday or not. The arrangements have changed a few times since then, but on Sunday, our gates were opened an hour or two before the public gates, to give the members first looks at the bargains in the factory reject clothing stalls.

In the arena, the motorcycle display teams gave their all, and the Moped Enduro was a thing of wonder.

Eventually, of course, the show wound down, and soon people were drifting back to the camping area, and packing up, if they hadn't done so already, having to find spaces for their purchases.

Another weekend of fine weather and warm rides home.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley