BMF Rally

20th May 1990 - British Motorcyclists Federation

As I was still not a member of an affiliated club of the BMF, I wasn't aware of the advantages of camping at the Memba Rally, so I still just attended the Show on the Sunday, along with a couple of friends.

The machinery on display in the club stands was still wildly variable, with many amalgamations of engine and equipment, from the huge 'Austell' combo, (I think it has a Hillman Imp engine?), to carefully restored powered bicycles, and multi-engined drag bikes.

There was also a strange four-wheeled two-seater that looked like a plane cockpit on wheels, strangely similar to, although larger than, the old Messerschmidt three-wheelers.

Some stall-holders were using mini-moto machines to nip to the loo and back.

The activities in the arena were not as plentiful as they later became, and the Moped Mayhem hadn't been thought up back then.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley