Bird in the Wood Rally

6th September 1985 - Martlets MCC

We were back at the field directly next-door to Goodwood Aerodrome/Race Track for the second 'Bird'.

Word of the rally seemed to have got around, as there were quite a few more attending this year. Consequently, Friday night was quite entertaining in the marquee, especially as the 'Jazz' band from last year didn't turn up.

On Saturday, there was quite a lot of September sun about, so the weather was nice. In the morning a trio of us went 'next door' to the aerodrome, primarily for the café, but then we found a pilot taking groups of - handy - three people at a time for a flight over the area and, since I remembered signs I saw last year and now carried extra cash, I could afford it. Unfortunately, due to the confined space in the plane, I couldn't get my camera out for a few shots from overhead, but it was impressive. I think we saw the sea at one point, but I was too busy, having been given control of the craft for a short while!

When we got back to the site, the games had just started. Barrel throwing, tractor tyre rolling, wheelbarrow jousting and such were all enjoyed.

In the evening a few rally virgins were found and, as always seems the case at Martlets events, they were tied to the pole and sprayed with fire extinguishers. Luckily these never seemed to have been needed for their design purpose.

Later on, young girlies removed clothing that had somehow managed to get wet from further uses of the squirters, as did some men as well. The men appeared to need less encouragement from the crowd to do this, which incidentally, is what they received.

After this, people started climbing poles and throwing straw bales at each other until it felt the right time to go to bed.

The weather held for the Sunday, which led to a wonderful summer's day ride home.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley

In case you haven't seen enough yet, here are a few more photos of newbies and nudies from Phillip Cross. Now send yours.