Big End Rally


Enticed by the prospect of the White Lion just down Washpit Lane, a few old hands turned out to assist with the heavy glass lifting.

Dave Parry and Wishbone describe early 1960s Dragon Rallies ...
"Six of us slept in a bicycle cape thrown over a few garden canes."

The 30th Big End Rally was held at a football club in Kilworth.

It looked at first as though Peter Juby was about to demonstrate windturfing... but it was 21st Century cape and canes.

I arrived Friday at the same time as two other people I knew and there was a few more in the bar.

Carole McAteer and Roz Bemrose discussing which hymns to sing at Sunday morning's revival meeting... Oh, I see. Not that kind of revival.

I went into the local town to eat then back to the site for the rest of the night.

A small selection of the machinery ... cooling down after a refreshing morning shower.

I found out that Ben Crossley had already gone home.

Breakfast al fresco... or is it Alf Garnet?

On Saturday me, John and Martin took a walk along the canal to a pub for lunch and on returning to the site could still not find Ben.

Friday's arrivals took the choice pitches ... leaving the football pitch for Saturday's arrivals.

Saturday night came, perhaps he would appear then, but no.

Finalists in the Sunday morning wasp eating contest... take that with a pinch of salt.

Was I trying to find the East Midlands' answer to Paul Daniels with his skills at vanishing?

Annick De Bock & Sue Von Steenberghe came all the way from Belgium and all they got was a plaque ... and two hangovers.

(The reason Ben made himself scarce was an underlying worry that he owed someone money.)

Running on all cylinders for the trip home... just need to fill the tank with beer.

Perhaps Sooty had thrown another pizza at him.

Photo of the bike Bob Nash sold ... er ... last year.

I awoke at about 11.00 on Sunday to find a football match in progress and saw the keeper let in a goal whilst talking on his mobile.

Dave Ranger took time out from fruitless searches to enjoy the music and Nigel Woodthorpe's drag show ... er ... I mean Highland Fling.

(Ben managed to stay aloof all weekend while maintaining his World Heavyweight Freeloading Champion status.)

- Dave Ranger

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