Balgzand Treffen

Organised by M.C. "Mios" held at Den Oever, Holland.
14th-16th September 1979.

I attended the rally three years running, a good event but in the tradition of Dutch rallys, quiet and pretty bland. A marquee, a bar, a disco, a few Belgian, a few German riders but what was special was it's location at Den Oever on the E10 or A7 motorway at the start of the dyke that seperates the north sea from the Ijssel Meer. The dyke is somewhere near 15 miles long with a service station half way along and a visitor centre. A large portion of the Ijssel Meer has been reclaimed and drained to form farm land.

It's all well and good looking on the map and eyeing up the quickest, shortest route from A-to-B but it's good to sometimes drop off the main roads and look at some of the smaller places on our return journey. We used to drop off the motorway at Hoorn and take the coast road down to Volendam, an old fishing port worth the time to visit.

- Les Hobbs