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Shakespeare Motor Cycle Club badges are shown here under Shakespeare Rally not in the alphabetic pages.


Motorcycle Rallies are a great way to combine motorcycle touring, camping, boozing and socialising with fellow bikers.

As well as organising the Big End Rally the Leicester Phoenix Motorcycle Club members have enjoyed rallying since the first Dragons in the early sixties.

Here is a gallery of rally badges from members and friends spanning the years. If you have badges and photos please scan them and send them in. We will also include your stories about motorcycling and try to put you in touch with old friends.

Badges for S'n'S, SDR, Sables d'Olonne, Sabots a Bascule, Sabre, Saint Chamond, Saint Die, Saint Etienne, Saint Fulgent, Saint Gaudens, Saint Gineys en Coiron, Saint Hubert, Saint Hylaire, Saint Jean d'Angely, Saint Jean de Maurienne, Saint Just Malmont, Saint Lo, Saint Marien, Saint Max, Saint Mihiel, Saint Nazaire, Saint Paul d'Espis, Saint Quentin, Saint Raphael, Saint Romain Le Puy, Saint Sauves, Saint Servais, Saint Seurin sur l'Isle, Saint Tropez, Saint Vallier, Saint Victor sur Loire, Sainte Bazeille, Sainte Cecile, Sainte Livrade, Sainte Severe, Sainte-Helene, Sainte-Severe, Saintes, Saints And Sinners, Saltfjell, Salty Seamen, Salty Seamen -, Samara, Sancerre, Sand Dancers, Sandrag, Sangliers, Sangliers Aywaille, Sangliers du Desert, Sante Rallye De La, Sapphire And Steel, Sapphire and Steel, Sarcelles, Sarlat, Saturnalia, Saxon, Schle Ken, Schmalenberg, Schwalmtal, Schwarzpulver, Scorpio, Scott, Scott OC Northern, Scottish, Scrambled Egg, Seaxes, Second Bod, Segre, Selestat, Seljord, Sens, Severn, Shadoks, Shafto, Shake Ya Pussy, Shakespeare, Shamrock, Shatterford, Sheep In The Welly, Sheep Naggers, Sheepshaggers, Sherwood, Shipwrecked, Shires, Shithouse Door, Shittin Bricks, Shoot The Goose, Shytehawk, Shytehawks, Sid The Slimy Slug, Sid the Slimy Slug, Sidecar Safari, Sifilix, Siljans, Silkworm, Silver Bay, Silver Lining, Silver Lion, Simmer Dim, Sinterklaas, Sir Walter, Skagen Rally, Skean Dhu, Skullsplitter, Slags, Slippy Clutch, Small But Perfectly Reformed, Smelly Quim, Smock & Clogs, Smola, Smugglers Dog, Snake Bite, Snakebite, Snatch, Sniger, Sno Far, Snoopy, Snow Eagle, Snowman, Snowman , Snuff Divers, Sober Up The Dragon, Soggy Moggy, Soissons, Solent, Solidarite Rallye International, Sommer, Sommieres, Sorgues, Soucelles, Soucy, Soultzmatt, Southern Crusader, Southern Star, Spark In The Dark, Spawned To Be Wild, Spittin Pig, Spitting Feathers, Spotted Dog, Spring, Spring Fever, Spring Sphincter, Sprocket, Squires, Squires And Spires, Squirrel, Stafford Knott, Stag, Stags N Slags, Stallions Of Steel, Stanford, Star, Starfish, Stars And Stripes, Steel Horse, Steel Horse GB, Stella Alpina, Stelvio, Stick o Rock, Sticky Chin, Stiil, Stoelen, Stormin The Castle, Strange Brew, Strasbourg, Stropp'n, Sturgis, Suffolk Punch, Suisse Rally, Sundgauvien Rallye, Sundowner, Sundowners, Surgeres, Suzuki, Suzuki OC, Swaledale, Swamp Donkey, Swamp Fever, Sweed Basher, Sweet Heart Abbey, Sword And The Stoned and Sygadyl rallies.

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Read the FAQ advice for sending pictures. There is also a useful entry in the 15 October 2010 Blog about photographing badges.