Rally Badges

From A to Z

Motorcycle Rallies are a great way to combine motorcycle touring, camping, boozing and socialising with fellow bikers.

As well as organising the Big End Rally the Leicester Phoenix Motorcycle Club members have enjoyed rallying since the first Dragons in the early sixties.

Here is a gallery of rally badges from members and friends spanning the years. If you have badges and photos please scan them and send them in. We will also include your stories about motorcycling and try to put you in touch with old friends.

Badges for HCMR, HD Amsterdam, HD Anfahrt, HD Biograd, HD Black Land Riders Dreams, HD Breda, HD Cap d'Agde, HD Chiemsee Treffen, HD Davos, HD Den Haag, HD Edale, HD Edersee, HD Elben, HD Fehmarn, HD France, HD Gelderland, HD Kitzbuhel, HD Koln, HD Littlecote, HD Nowa Sol, HD Owl Spenge, HD Paris, HD Poland Inter, HD RCGB, HD Red Rose, HD Regio Noord, HD Riders of Great-Britain, HD Shipley, HD Stoke, HD Super, HD Thunder In The Glens, HD Thunder in the Glens, HD Twente, HD Wakefield, HD West London, HD Wolsztyn, HD Wolsztyn Wroclaw, HDE, HDOA Egg Hunt, HMC, HOG, HOG Biarritz, HOG Biggesee, HOG Bridgwater, HOG Cheltenham, HOG Cider, HOG Corfu, HOG Delmarva, HOG European Italy, HOG Hamburg, HOG Irish Jig, HOG Istanbul, HOG Missouri, HOG Montegordo, HOG Nene Valley, HOG New Forest, HOG Prague, HOG Roadhouse Barcelona, HOG Rogaland, HOG Sandgrounders, HOG Scottish, HOG St Tropez, HOG Wake the Lakes, Haggis, Hagstone, Hairy Ass, Half Moon, Half Wit, Halle, Hallyvacket, Halsinge, Ham En Chipp, Hamaland, Hamburger, Hand Pulled, Hands Off, Hangover, Hans Fellenberg, Hansapreis Ostern, Hanseatenring Wismar, Happy Birthday Australia, Happy Huffa, Harp, Hartford Colts, Hartlepool, Harz, Harz Winterfahrt, Harzfahrt, Hatters, Haut Anjou, Hautes Vosges, Hawkey Road Riders Early Bird, Haystax Flinging, Head Banger, Head Up Your Arse, Headless And Legless, Heart Of England, Heart Of England , Hedetraef, Hedgebusters, Hednesford, Heede Hemsloh, Heeren Werve, Heide, Heidelbloem, Heidmuhle, Helgoland, Hell Razors, Hellfire Corner, Hells Canyon, Helmstadt, Helvetes, Helvetes-Rodeurs Hivernale, Herborn, Herentals Kempenrit, Herfstnachtrit, Hericourt, Heritage, Heritage , Hernando County Road Riders, Herzberger Welfen, Herzl Gluckwunsch, Hesselberg, Hessen-Rheinland, Het Belfort, Hexentreffen, Heysel, Hiberna, Hibernation, Hibernation , Hidden Valley, High Fliers, High Seas, Highland Fling, Highlanders, Hilchenbach Siegerland, Himmerlands, Hinterland Daiseltreffen, Hinterweidenthal, Hirtzbach, Hitjes, Hivernale De Dole, Hoeselt, Hog Wash, Hoggin The Bridge, Hoglandstraffen, Hohe Asslitz, Hohenzollern, Holger Danske, Holidays Fair, Hollaus Gedachtnisfahrt, Holsworthy, Holy Divers, Holzland, Home of the Guiding Hands Benefit, Honda, Honda Goldwing Jumelage, Hondsrug, Hooded Cloak, Hoot Owl, Hop & Barley, Hoppy, Hoppy The Roo, Hord MCP, Horex Club, Horex Freunde Bremen, Horex Freunde Frankenthal, Horex Sidecar Treffen, Horse Power, Horse Shit, Hospitalet, Hot Snot & Venom, Hour Extra, Hove, Howqua, Hoyangbjorn, Hoyanger, Hu-Tu-Tu, Hubertus, Huesca, Hufeisen, Huhnerstall Alpershausen, Hummling, Humping Hound, Hunengraber, Hunsruck, Hunters Moon, Husum, Huttenberg Gelandefahrt, Hyeres and Hytteweekend Musketererne rallies.

Ben Crossley, Webmaster.

Read the FAQ advice for sending pictures. There is also a useful entry in the 15 October 2010 Blog about photographing badges.