Badge Index

To be classed as a proper rally it had to have a badge; otherwise it was an invitation camp. No less enjoyable but harder to recall all these years later.

Badges for race circuits and meetings, shows and charity ride-outs all serve as reminders of your support for notable events.

Then there are plaques, badges and patches awarded at the completion of some particularly challenging venture. If you cannot find your badges on the following pages, take a focused photo in good light of your badges and send them to us. Or lay them on a scanner and mind you don't break the platen glass with the weight of them!

Rally badges may have links to relevant reports. If not, write one for us or send a link to a website or Facebook page that fills in the gory details.

Read the FAQ advice for sending pictures. There is also a useful entry in the 15 October 2010 Blog about photographing badges.