Astrally Rally

The Astrally was run by the Green Ginger Guzzlers MTC of Western South Australia.

What you see below is, as far as I know true.

I believe that it was a virtual rally with the venue not being announced until after the rally. This was to make sure that no one turned up.

I am told that because the non site was in Australia the long distance award was often won by a Shetlander.

I also heard that the 1993 rally had its virtual site on Shetland. This gave an Australian the chance to win long distance.

I have not heard of the rally since 1993.

I think that Puker from the Twitts was the UK contact.

- Dave Cooper


Start of quotation The rally was run by the GGGMTC of South Australia and held near Mount Mary South Australia. I am a member of the club and attended all rallies. All profits of the rallies were donated to charity.

Special rally tricks included fire bombs and virtual dodgem cars

Next rally 2016 End of quotation

- Anon

We'll get a boat and start rowing.