Arrow Rally

The Arrow Rally, organised by the Robin Hood MCC Nottingham.

Hi, my name's Ray,

I organised all the Arrow Rallies.

There were five altogether and they were all at different venues.

When I organised the first rally there was no other rally on in the area. At the time of the last rally there were fifteen rallies on the same weekend. We lost £400 on the last rally but we all had a great party and the club funds could stand the loss.

I still have a few badges and bits from the club as I used to purchase all that sort of thing.

There were 91 members in the Robin Hood MCC at its peak. The club used to travel to race meetings in europe, other club rallies and have all sorts of parties.

- MC.Ray

Start of quotation I went to this rally in '91 '92 and '93.

In '92 the venue was The Steam Boat at Trent Lock, Long Eaton.

I think this was the rally where we all tried out our new "one touch" dome tents (the only tent I have ever owned that leaked in more through the ground sheet than it did from above!) It was quite novel, you could end up wet without it having to rain! I suppose they must have got them sorted now because a lot of people use them. End of quotation

- Ted Trett