ABC Temperance Weekend

Weekend 31st March 1989 - ABC

So much alcohol to destroy and so little time! Well, we made a valiant effort.

Friday, once again, saw the club, and an ever-increasing number of our friends, sitting in The Crumpled Bucket turning as much beer into water as they could. Some people were so tired out by their efforts that they had to be carried out.

On Saturday, the more distant friends arrived from Cambridge, Dorset and Exeter, amongst others, and, after the lunchtime session, we moved the centre of operations over to the village hall, which we had managed to hire once again.

The club band set up an impressive amount of equipment out of John H's Landy, while the rest of us messed about in the warm and dry hall.

It seems we were mostly practicing Rugby scrums. Not that we ever played it anywhere.

When the band were playing, we boogied about, and during breaks kept ourselves entertained with spontaneous silly games, including the age-old favourite of passing a ball down a line of people without using your hands.

After a while we judged it was time to head back to the pub, and there we stayed until chucking out, with the obligatory shuffling about the bonfire before crawling into tents.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley