ABC Temperance Weekend

27th March 1987 - ABC

Temperance Weekend ABC Opening Hours: Friday 5.30 - 12.30 Saturday 11.00 - 3.30, 5.30 - Midnight. Run out Saturday dinnertime if weather doesn't worsen. Quiz, raffle,throwing up, you name it - we have got it. Food available! See at bar. Please remember to keep bikes quiet late at night. © Hic Fart Burp Inc 1987

Once again the landlord of the Crumpled Bucket, (Crooked Billet), in Colney Heath, let the ABC hold a camping weekend behind the pub. A few of the ABCers brought guitars with them, so there was a bit of a sing-song in the bar before 'chucking-out and standing around the bonfire' time.

Saturday morning presented us with very few sore heads, but I'm not sure the proposed run-out took place, and it is quite possible we stayed at the site all day.

For a change, the traditional afternoon bike rebuild was a Moto Guzzi, (the Triumph didn't make it as far as the pub this year), and we kept ourselves entertained until the pub opened. There was never any danger of us out-growing the bar this year, and the guitars only made a brief outing.

During the evening, it was revealed that one of the visiting bikers had a birthday and a stripper-gram had been arranged. When the moment arrived, he was led outside and, as if by magic, a schoolgirl appeared and very soon took most of her clothes off. It seemed that it must have been quite a cold night with not much on, either that or she was pleased to see him. The term 'Chapel Hat Pegs' came to mind.

Not to be outdone, a while later, one of our number decided to follow suit, (with assistance).

At the end, on the way back to the fire, Tigger managed to fall over but, true to form, managed to not spill a drop of beer.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley