Triumph TSS

Now finished after being off the road for about 12 years, this joint enterprise between Mark Savage and Mark Turner took 10 months to complete. To be fair the majority of the engine and chassis work was already completed by the previous owner but just needed full assembly.

Modifications include


Known Problems With Triumph T140W TSS Model And Our Solutions
ProblemsOur Solution
Cylinder head porosity.Cast aluminium cylinder head with bronze skulls, one off special as far as we know?
Blown head gaskets caused by cylinder liners dropping.Cast aluminium barrels with Nikasil coated bores, original Triumph production part, made for new models never launched, 1 of only 200
Oil leaks from the two centre cylinder head studs.Aluminium sealing caps fitted to the two central studs creating a seal with the cylinder head, specially made part.
Oil leaks from the four pushrod cover tube O-rings.Aftermarket aluminium cover tubes remachined to match exact size providing perfect seal at O-rings.