Sammy Miller Motorcycle Museum

10th June 1984

As I wasn't into the sport side of bikes, I wasn't 100% sure who Sammy Miller was. I had heard the name, but not much about the man. The first I heard about the museum was when somebody suggested a run down to it during the summer. So, off we (Telstar BC) set on a warm, sunny summer's day into deepest Hampshire.

When we arrived I have to admit to being a little underwhelmed. There was a collection of barns and sheds of varying sizes. But all of them were full of bikes, some of which were on tables and some ancient bicycles hanging on the walls.

There was a bit of an ad-hoc feel to the place with Yamahas parked next to Matchlesses and so forth and information cards on the machines had only basic information about them.

The pictures I took can tell you far more about the standard of the machinery than I ever could, so I will let them.

There was no shop or cafe of any kind at the site, so we stopped at the motorway services on the way home for an ice cream, it being that sort of day.

I have seen what the museum currently looks like, with purpose built halls and associated outbuildings, containing a restaurant and gift shop, amongst others. Perhaps I may go again to see what machines are stored inside. (There may well be some I have ridden in the meantime.)

Phil Drackley - Phil the Spill

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