Triumph Trident T160V

Moving On

I may have landed the Accident Investigator job because I had more first-hand experience of road accidents than other applicants.

With the start of the 1990s my situation had changed again, this time to a much more settled lifestyle, working for my local authority as an accident investigator and raising a family. There were few opportunities to use the Trident or funds to keep it in fettle. My arthritic and metallic joints, combined with the geometry of a smaller diameter rear tyre, meant that pulling the bike onto its centre stand had become painful for days afterwards. The Trident languished in the garage.

Rachel would enquire what I was intending to do with it and I would reply that it was my retirement project. That I would have Les Williams rebuild the engine and restore it. To which Rachel responded And how old is Les Williams? Hmm - good point.

Sacha getting an idea of her dad's view of the world.

When an insurance policy matured I did have Les Williams' successors fettle the engine but the bike remained in the garage gradually sinking under household junk. What a waste!

Seeing the back of it.

Then, while marshalling at Kegworth control for the National Road Rally, a team from the Trident and Rocket 3 club came through and on the spur of the moment I asked if anyone was interested in buying my Trident. They took details, and a few weeks later, one of their club members made contact and we agreed a sale.

I was sad to part with an old friend after 40 years of faithful service and a lot of great miles. But at least I knew it was going to a good home, to be restored to its glory, cherished and ridden with enthusiasm.

I swear from time to time I can hear it howl and feel it pulling my arms again.

End of my story ... start of the next

In new hands the Triumph Trident T160V has been rebuilt and again stands proud!

- Ben Crossley