Royal Enfield Flying Flea

After years of always being on the back of my husband I decided I would like to learn to ride a motorbike myself. After finding out I could only have a 125cc and after looking around at modern bikes and wondering if Tupperware might have a share in Japenese motorcycles as there seems to be more plastic on a modern bike than in a Tupperware catalogue, I found myself a 1952 RE3 Enfield Flying Flea. I wanted a Triumph but they never made a 125cc bike.

My husband Mick took one look at this bike and said "Where's your battery?" and "You have no indicators!" and "Where's the ignition?" He's going to be a great help if anything goes wrong with it.

They would not let me do my CBT on it, but once I had done that I can legally ride it and pass my test on it.

So, if you see a 1952 Flying Flea with L plates and a woman in pink leather and a pink helmet, chances are it's me.

Mick asked me what it's like polishing rust so I told him, about the same as polishing plastic, only my rust's worth a lot more than his plastic.