Triumph Trident T160V

Nigel's Trident

John Newitt sent a 1988 MCN cutting about a club member's bike.


Striding out on a Trident

WHAT does it cost to persuade a Triumph Trident to cover 200,000 miles?

Probably the only rider In the world to have the answer at his fingertips is Leicestershire rally veteran Nigel Woodthorpe - and the answer is £13,539.61!


Nigel shaves using the mirror of his mileage marathon Trident.

That total includes everything except the T160's purchase price, brand new, of £1101 In 1976, and such things as tax, MoT and Insurance over the years.

"I've always made notes about what I spend on it," said the British Telecom worker from Hinckley. "Other interesting statistics are that I've used 141 gallons of oil and about 5000 gallons of petrol"

The Trident turned 200,000 miles after the Strathgryffe MCC Bluebell Rally in Scotland, where It was in company with a concours winning BMW R100 CS belonging to Glasgow fireman Jim Twaddle - the twin still looking good after more than 103,000 miles.

Nlgel's bike must now be a firm candidate as mileage record holder for Triumph machines - unless any other machines out there can claim more?

The Trident's chequered history includes a first engine rebuild after an oil pipe came adrift at 158,000, and a repeat performance 8000 miles later when a liner dropped.

"I'm not going to pension it off," Nigel told us last week. "I've just spent £100 on new shock absorbers!

"The best mod ever has been fitting a Lucas Rita electronic ignition - which has lasted 150,000 miles and only needed an amplifier box replacing this year. I've also fitted a Scott rear chain oiler."

Original article by Terry Snelling.


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