Moto Guzzi California

I wanted a unique bike, 2 cylinders, cardan, not BMW or Japanese, good pillion seat, steady traveller. I bought my red lady in 2000, 3 years old, with 13,000 km on the clock. It now reads 137,621 km.

California EV

I replaced all crap nuts, bolts, screws etc with stainless steel ones. Otherwise no modifications.

I have had the bike annually serviced and checked by a local genius. I'm sure that has paid off as I have only really had to call for help twice. Once the clutch cable just tore near home in Germany and twice, the regulator had a loose connection for a while ( you don't really notice ) and the battery emptied, so after a break I was stuck in the Kielder Forest in heavy rain on my way to a Scotland Tour. The AA took 4 hours!

Scotland 2019

North Cape 2007

Touring is a pleasure. The seat and riding position is for me at least very comfortable. Panniers and other luggage are easily fitted and once running the bike just cruises along all day long. I get about 50 mpg consumption.

The pictures show only a small part of my tours: The 4 week tour to the North Cape, a few compulsory ( for Guzzisti ) pilgrimages to Mandello de Lario, Scotland.

Mandello del Lario 2015

I've no intention of buying another bike. This one will last until I retire from motorcycling.

- John Heaven