London Motorcycle Museum

30th April 2000 - 1st Birthday Bash

I went to the London Motorcycle Museum in Greenford, which was celebrating its first year in business. I felt I should, as the WMA Club is one of the 'Corporate Founders' of the Museum.

As more-or-less expected, the array of machinery in the rear parking area was almost as good as the vehicles inside, but considerably more varied, as the bikes in the museum are all British (no bad thing, in my opinion) and mostly Triumphs. I pulled up next to one of very few Triumphs outside, which turned out to be our own Dennis Trebble, who had arrived just ahead of me.

There was a makeshift stage, on a truck bed, where some bands were playing Rock'n'Roll and Rockabilly. There was also a food van, run by the same people that do the food at the Ace Cafe, where I got a reasonably priced bacon roll.

Only a few bikes were entered into the bike show, at least two of which had arrived in the back of a van. As the judging time approached, the organisers called out on the band's PA appealing for people to put aside their modesty and put their machines with the others, which some did. (Some, which I feel should have entered, still didn't.) Dennis wouldn't enter, as his bike has several modifications from stock that make it more reliable, but which would be criticised by judges of that sort of competition, and lose marks, despite being better suited for the road.

Dennis left after a while, and a machine that arrived soon after he went took his place next to me. It was another Commander! A 'K' reg. from 1982 - one of the last to be produced. A fine red example of a Mk2 Commander (detachable panniers, but not as much in the rear light department as mine).

Just before I left one guy, standing next to my bike, asked me if 'that', (pointing at the red one), 'was one of those rotaries', I said to him; 'yes, so is that one' (pointing at mine, of course). He hadn't noticed my bike between himself and the Mk2.

Phil Drackley - Phil the Spill

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