Gill Hartshorn

Update profile Nov '09.

This is where those terrible tales from so called friends will be written.
Send them in while you think of them!

Gill left the Leicester area to live and work in the South-East but came back to the Midlands shortly after - Gill didn't really settle down there. Now living in Sutton Coldfield and working as a surveyor for an insurance company. Terribly respectable!

Gill sold her last bike to Lila Hessin when she could no longer reach the handlebars (due to being due) with her now eighteen year old daugher.

Gill has never lost the urge to go for it. Now her daughter is grown up she is beginning to think it's about time - in fact Gill is going to the Bike Show this year for the first time in years.

Start of quotation Maybe catch up with some of you soon?
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- Gill