Bob Nash

Updated October 2009

Founder Instructor

Long John Silver impression at the Dragon Rally using a sweeping brush.

In Bob's Phoenix after-life he re-married in 1978 resulting in one daughter. Bikeless for a few years then the bug bit again resulting in a spasmodic relationship with various jap bikes. Extensive overseas travel trying to sell textile machinery gave little opportunity to do any serious riding.

In 2000 Bob became seriously involved with bikes again when he owned & rode Yamaha cruisers.

In 2005 he purchased a used Harley 1200 Sportster and hopes to participate in future pub runs. But as Bob works weekends only, it's difficult to attend reunions etc unless they are on a weekday. See Bob's excellent Born Again Biker page.

In 2009, due to ageing process and self presevation, Bob purchased another bike, a Honda Deauville - the old farts bike. The Harley sulks in the garage but enjoys warm, dry weather outings like its owner.

Bob lives in the Oadby/Wigston area, "Cheapest good real ale in town at the Weatherspoons pub William Wygston".