Lost Friends

Look for your old friends now because tomorrow will be too late. Try all the usual channels, phone books, register of voters at your local reference library, search the web, ask mutual friends who may still have them on a Christmas card list.

This page is pretty much your last resort. Give us the name and as much about them as you can recall. If they Google their own name there is a chance they may find that you are looking for them and get in touch.


If you have any information about a friend on the list, or you are that person, please click the line and send us a message. Old friends will be delighted to trace you.

Important: Don't worry, we aren't the bailiffs settling old debts. We will tell you who is looking for you and your contact details are not passed on until you explicitly approve.

Start of quotation Regarding Jeff Clift aka Dinsdale:

Jeff came to the Dalesman Rally in 2010 we hadn't seen him for years.

He no longer has a bike, but other than that seemed ok! He is "as good as married" and is living in Roddley near Leeds. End of quotation

- Anon

Start of quotation I was clearing some papers and found this.
I think it was probably Keith's originally and shows a bunch of folk at a rally.
There's no date but the lady standing in front of Keith is his previous girlfriend so I guess it may have been at a Hatters Rally in 1976 or 1977.
I came name four people in it and recognise another three or four. Maybe you can do better. End of quotation

Alison Downing

Start of quotation It's a cracker isn't it? I only definitely recognise Brighton Bob and Keith and Ron Brunsdon. There is another that may be Keith (Kit) Arthurs but its a long time ago... End of quotation

Heather MacGregor

Leicester Phoenix MCC past members

This list is from old membership registers. Are you on this list? Can you help us contact anyone by putting them in touch with us or providing further clues?


Procrastination: the only thing you should leave for another day.

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